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Stars & Stripes

From a mating of two Sonora Boas was on 17.07.1995 as a sibling of the first "Leopard Boa" the first "Stars & Stripes" born. Both animals were female. To check the heritability of these two new color forms they were when they were sexually mature, bred back each to her father. In both litters Leopard Boas were included, so it was clear to me that the Leopard gene was recessive. A “Stars & Stripes” was then unfortunately not born, but I was so fascinated from that animal that I did not want to give up early. After many breeding experiments with a high number of individuals up to the F4, I come to the following conclusion:

 In this particular form of striping an own codominant gene (S & S) is responsible for each individual saddle, whether it is looking normal (= lack of S & S gene), distorted or kind of bow-tie shape (= heterozygous for S & S) or striped (=homozygous S & S)!

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